HardingFPA Server


The Server edition is designed for larger organisations that need to integrate flash and pattern analysis across a network in an automated workflow for multiple editors.

Your Licencing Options

• Full perpetual licence with one time payment, and annual maintenance.

• Annual licence.

• 4K, 8K and HDR options also available.

• Additional video streams can be added for even higher throughput.

The HFPA Server is designed to support automated workflows by providing watched folder support and interactive submissions direct from the editor's desktop. It also has other ways (including using web services, XML tokens and user driven approaches) for submitting work.

The HFPA Server is based on dedicated analyser nodes on a network providing PSE analysis reports to a number of small, less processor intensive Viewers that are designed to reside on the editor's workstation. One of our driving forces for the HFPA Server is to put easier access to analysis and more and better information on what has gone wrong in the hands of the editor who has to fix the problems. The HFPA Server is also highly configurable to meet your exact needs and can be easily extended by adding more Analysis Channels and/or more Viewers to grow with your demands.

The HFPA Server can also work with the outputs from the HardingFPA Desktop systems to provide Viewer access to their analysis results at the editor's workstation. That way your existing investments in HardingFPA systems are still valid and there is a bridge between tape and file based workflows.



Multi User wide area workflows across a whole enterprise.

Tests file-based broadcast material for compliance with Ofcom guidance on Flashing Images and Regular Patterns in Television, or equivalent in other territories (e.g. ITU, NAB-J).


64-bit Windows Server 2016 or later. Support for on-premises, VM, and cloud installations is available.


Supports broadcast television material up to 1080p60 SDR. Options for UHD/4K, 8K and HDR, including HLG, PQ and Dolby Vision.


Files wrapped in MXF, MOV or AVI containers and QT Reference Files. CODEC support for AVC-Intra 100, Apple ProRes, IMX50, and Avid DNxHD and many others is provided.

Analysis Version

3.5 for files delivered under Digital Production Partnership Technical Delivery Standards; 2.5 for legacy SD content.


Complete suite of HardingFPA tests; Luminance flashing, Red flashing, Extended flashing and Spatial Patterns analysis.

Faster than real-time analysis on two concurrent HD streams.

Supports automated workflows and direct interaction with editor workstations.

Provides job prioritisation with abort and re-prioritisation features.

Full graphical user interface for each user including: risk evaluation, diagnostic information, frame by frame and in-frame information, zoom and replay controls

XML, CSV, and PDF reports of failing sequences.

Workflow monitoring and system status displays.

PDF pass certificates.


Optional: additional streams of concurrent network analysis.

Optional: support for UHD/4K and 8K content.

Optional: support for HDR.