Games Industry

The HardingFPA video game systems are designed to analyse live video game play direct from the game platform (console, PC, or hand-held device) to verify compliance with the various Proprietary Guidelines (provided by the console manufacturers) that safeguard and protect photosensitive players and onlookers from imagery induced epileptic seizures. Video Games of all types have been known to contain the harmful image sequences that have been shown to trigger Photosensitive Epileptic seizures. HardingFPA systems can be applied at any point in the development process - allowing developers, publishers and console manufacturers to use it in-house to provide immediate answers on image safety and to ensure that their games are safe to play. The HardingFPA range of systems offer interfaces to a wide range of Game platforms based on HDMI, analogue component, S-Video and Composite signals and can also analyse game play captured to file.

The HardingFPA products for video game applications are introduced below, please feel free to contact us for more information to help you select the right system for your needs.

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