HardingFPA Desktop


The Desktop edition is designed for organisations that need to test and certify baseband video or file based content. It fulfils all requirements for UK DPP tape and file based delivery.

Your Licencing Options

• Full perpetual licence with one time payment, and annual maintenance

• Annual licence.

• 4K, 8K and HDR options also available.

No false failures

• Physiologically defined analysis engine detects only genuine violations.

• Consistent results across all product editions and content formats.

• No time wasted fixing false failures.

Help with fixing failures

• Detailed frame-by-frame results enable you to fix creatively, without degrading content.

• Problem areas indicated with a colour coded 'heat map'.

• Expert advice to guide you.

Internationally recognised certification

• An official member of the DPP compliance programme.

• Trusted by post houses, broadcasters and regulators, since 2001.

• Consistent industry wide results. Interoperability with our technology partners, including: Tektronix, Digimetrics, Venera, Clearcast and Vanderquest.

No hidden fees

Package includes technical advice on fixing failures, product support and incremental updates.

Technical Features

• Software and capture card for installation in a desktop computer.

• Analyses SDI content in real time, from your tape deck or edit workstation.

• Analyses a wide range of file formats, including reference clips, significantly faster than real time.

• Detailed analysis results can be shared using free viewer software.

• An allowable PSE device according to DPP Technical Standards v4.0 and later.

• Analyses SD/SDI using Algorithm v.2.5 for tape.

• Current product version HardingFPA Desktop v6, containing Algorithm FPA v.3.5

• Available for 64-bit Windows and macOS. 


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