How to get a HardingFPA system

There are many ways to get a Harding Flash and Pattern Analyser
Buy a System

You can buy a system directly from us at Cambridge Research Systems by emailing or call us on +44 1634 720 707.

Rent a System

A HardingFPA HD-SDI system is available to rent (minimum 1 week rental). Email to find out more information or call us on +44 1634 720 707 to book your system.

Online Flash and Pattern Test

It’s never been easier to make sure your material complies with the Ofcom’s guidelines on Flashing images and Regular patterns and won’t cause seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. You can now do a quick online flash test of any audio-visual material. You need to be registered with the service to make a submission. Visit and to see how easy it is.

Our partners have integrated our Harding Flash and Pattern Analysers within their QC chain solution.

Please contact one of our partners to find the best solution for you:

- Telestream / Tektronix, Inc. -

- Venera Technologies -