HardingFPA UK Digital

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The HardingFPA-UK Digital edition is a cost effective solution for small organisations that only need to analyse and certify AS-11 files for UK DPP delivery.

Your Licencing Options

• Full perpetual licence with one time payment, and annual maintenance

• Annual licence.

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No false failures

• Physiologically defined analysis engine detects only genuine violations.

• Consistent results across all product editions and content formats.

• No time wasted fixing false failures.

Help with fixing failures

• Detailed frame-by-frame results enable you to fix creatively, without degrading content.

• Problem areas indicated with a colour coded ‘heat map’ .

• Expert advice to guide you.

Internationally recognised certification

• An official member of the DPP compliance programme.

• Trusted by post houses, broadcasters and regulators, since 2001.

• Consistent industry wide results. Interoperability with our technology partners, including: Tektronix, Digimetrics, Venera, Clearcast and Vanderquest.

No hidden fees

Package includes technical advice on fixing failures, product support and incremental updates


Technical Features

• Software for installation on a desktop computer.

• Analysis runs significantly faster than real time.

• An allowable PSE device according to DPP Technical Standards v4.0 and later.

• Analyses AS-11 files to DPP Technical Standards for Delivery of Programmes to UK Broadcasters, including BBC, BTSport, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV, Sky, S4C and TG4.

• Current product version HardingFPA UK Digital v.0110, containing Algorithm FPA v.3.4

• Available for 64-bit Windows 10

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