HardingFPA for Broadcast

Featured Products

  • HFPA-Desktop.png

    HardingFPA Desktop

    Designed for organisations that need to test and certify baseband video or file based content. It fulfils all requirements for UK DPP tape and file based delivery.


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  • HFPA-Server.png

    HardingFPA Server

    Designed for larger organisations that need to integrate flash and pattern analysis across a network in an automated workflow for multiple editors.

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  • HFPA-UK Digital.png

    HardingFPA UK Digital

    A cost effective solution for small organisations that only need to analyse and certify AS-11 files for UK DPP delivery.

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  • Edisis.png

    HardingFPA FX Plug-In

    The FX bundle puts trusted Harding FPA technology within the NLE. It gives editors early warning of potential failures, and tools to assist in correcting work in progress clips, during post production. The final asset can then be passed with confidence for certification with a HardingFPA Desktop or Server system.

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  • Harding-results-Viewer.jpg

    Download Viewer

    Use the Free Viewer to share results from HardingFPA analyses across multiple editor workstations.

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