HardingFPA FX Plug-In


The HardingFPA-FX bundle puts trusted HardingFPA technology within the NLE. It gives editors early warning of potential failures, and tools to assist in correcting work in progress clips, during post production. The final asset can then be passed with confidence for certification with a HardingFPA Desktop or Server system.

Your Licencing Options

• Full perpetual licence with one time payment, and annual maintenance

• Annual licence.

• 4K, 8K and HDR options also available.

QC in a Remote Editor's Workflow

This 30 minute webinar hosted by a panel of industry experts covers:

  • A brief history and understanding of Photosensitive Epilepsy (PSE).
  • Understanding a PSE failure
  • Using the HFPA Reports to help resolve issues
  • Using the HFPA Viewer to assist production to fix issues.
  • Using the HFPA FX Plugin to fix issues and minimise render time and round trips to QC.
  • Our partner Venera Technologies introduce cloud based QC and subscription QC tools.