Harding FPA G2

The HardingFPA-G2 is the replacement for the FPA-NG system. It is designed to provide HD/SD analysis capability and to extend the range of live feeds that can be accepted to include HDMI and component analogue so as to provide an optimum interface to available games consoles and handheld emulators. The HFPA-G2 also offers optional file-based analysis capabilities for the analysis of captured game play. The HFPA-G2 will also, longer term, provide analysis capabilities for new and emerging game play platforms. The HFPA-G2 applies the same proprietary guidelines as the FPA-NG but will also offer the option for including other custom defined guideline sets targetted at specific platorms or applications.

- Analysis or live game play from a console or handheld with option to analyse captured game play.
Windows XP/Windows 7(MAC version in development).
- HD/SD or SD only versions.
- Accepts HD/SD HDMI analogue HD/SD Component, and SD Composite or S Video feeds.
- Optional file analysis module for analaysing captured game play.
- real time analysis on live feed inputs.
- full graphical user interface including risk evaluation, frame by frame and in-frame information.
- PDF report of failing sequences.
- PDF pass certificates.
- Available as 'turnkey' system pre-installed on a PC host or as a 'Software + Capture Card' pack to install in your own host PC.
- Optional File analysis module available for analysing captured game play.
Host Requirements
- Intel Core-i7 based quad core processor, 4GB 1333Mhz DDR3 RAM, 250GB HDD.
- PCIe 1x lane full height slot for data capture card.